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Timpul trece fara noi

A song by Dan Balan that I love so much, it makes my heart ache...

Timpul trece fara noi
Time passes without us
(Music/Lyrics by Dan Balan)

Time passes without us

And time passes without us
With everything that was
Only senseless memories remain
I love you. How I loved you.
You have forgotten me,
The moment you left...

Time passes slowly, I know.
I don’t want to wait anymore
My head is empty.
A desire is burning inside me.
My love is burning without your presence,
Feels the seperation, one always does.
I don’t know what feelings you have for me now.

Everything passed.
I know the rule that nothing lasts, that love dies.
But I can not forget, I fail in that.

Time passes slowly, because it passes without us.
Without the love, that we both had shared.
Only time will heal us.
I don’t believe now, that you will ever come back.
I’ve forgiven you
Your blank expression.
The tears that I never hid.
I live with the memory.
My head is empty.
I know that today also, I will be without you.
Without you...

Time passes without us and I shut myself off
Without you.
You and I, we will only remain in the time that belonged to us.

Time passes slowly without us...

( The Dan Balan Project: O-Zone, 1999 )
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Ah, yes. I love to listen to this song before I go to bed or when I'm feeling a it melancholy. I also love "De la Mine" and "Oriunde ai Fi".