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O-Zone slash fiction

Hi, I would like to invite you all to join a group I created about O-Zone. I was craving RPS about Radu, Arsenie and Dan but there is not much to find yet. That's why I created the group. So far, there are two stories ( one PG-13, the other NC-17)up, but I hope it will be galore soon.
O-Zone screams for slash because:
...Like most boy bands, O-Zone is very 'gay vague.' If you watch the video, you'll see a rainbow, speedos, lots of hugging, and some pseudo cuddling on the sofa at the end. Of course, these are Europeans so speedos, rainbows, and man-touching are pretty normalized behavior and imagery. Why is one group member spread eagle on the sofa while the other group member watches him sleep?...
Linden tree love and pretty Moldovian boys touching. Enjoy...Members are welcome to contribute to the collection.
O-ZONE (Radu, Arsenie and Dan) RPS
A random collection of O-ZONE slash.

You have to sign into yahoo to join
Wanna come ? ; )
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