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Romanian Boner

I miss Dan and Radu so much. Watching their Romanian boners from my computer isn't as much fun as seeing them in person.

Radu you know I love it when you pull on my suspenders. Dan's just standing back there to make sure you don't go to far. ;)

Ok Dan. I found this and I want you to know that I am a little upset. How could you cheat on me right in front of my face? You will be making this up to me later.

Just felt like showing off my prepubescent arms. :)
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I love your community. I hope Radu, Arsenie and Dan are reunited soon to make manwiches under the lindentrees. ;)

Dan Balan- God's Moldavian gift to women(and men)
they are so awesome!
i loveee o zone so much! gotta love those romos<3